Saucy Dreams, Mortal Torment, and Wicked Woe

by Another Ghost, Tait Howard

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04:33 video


A concept album, in which a skeleton kid explores his world though four seasons in music and visual art. Each movement, or season rather, should not evoke the particular emotion or feeling of that particular season as normally experienced by an individual in the real world. That said, the observer of this collaborative piece will note that, at times, the audio and visual art of each particular movement does indeed don textures reminiscent of the seasons. The artists bid you well as you join the skeleton kid on his journey.


released September 28, 2014

Evan Captain plays all instruments on all tracks, Lena Captain guest stars as vocal in Their Story and Glasstrain. Cover art by Tait Howard, more of his work at . Produced by Evan Captain.




another ghost Seattle, Washington

If a butcher cut off my hands, I'd stomp and sing. If I then lost all my limbs and vocal chords to a rabid alligator, I'd sweetly whistle through the gaping, sputtering holes left in my body until the blood clotted and I died.

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Track Name: Road Rage
once more through the raging sun
how hot it's getting every single tock and tick of the clock
i walk the rocks and stone
but there's only one road going through the sun

another drink, for my hopes and dreams, they crumble; sound like broken carousels and stumble. stubble bones and bricks in thickening mist, while i'm getting lit like a star,
all clumsily humbled by risking a hardened heart.

Because the cost grows like moss on money trees
and monkeys are teasing in the branches
and they keep babbling on about the powerlessness of language.

if everyone were nameless
graveyards would be the languished epitaphs of strangers
plagiarism's playground
in the mouth of danger
in the mouth of once more through the raging sun

hold on
Track Name: Insomniac
here we go into the rain and snow
we breathe like the fire bellows
and aint buying the lies they're selling overpriced
and i'm right every day and night
i walk like the calm before the storm
i'm the ghost in the wind that blows the dawn open wide

my generation's sick
the western world is full of twits
ninety-nine and one percent just sit and argue over it
and it sounds like this
"who am i going to vote for?"
"what should I wear?"
"she looks like a two-cent whore"
"let's go pick up some girls"
"and boys"
"in there"

and I don't care
take me to a parallel
my passion is work
as for an office job, I'd rather fall off the earth in search of atlantis in the last frontier with captain kirk
My space is teh place where dreams become clay;
where sleep treats equally night and day.
Sit back some, I'm here to play - no mistakes - I'm giving thanks
to the stars that make us
taking on scars like fifth degree scrapes to the knees
easily I fall
to wonder why it's getting harder to stay humble
i pilliage and plunder
building my junked life until it cracks
filling my grapes of wrath ripe ready to rack the vintage
I vanquish my own villians just for the privialage
now it's been a slice trimming back these hedges
but alas
it's time to clip them

so take me to a parallel

here we go
prove me wrong
Track Name: Lost Change
master took one last look at his books and turned to me to ask if he could hang one final hook line and sinker
"who are you, what are you going to do with your life?"
i said "that's a thinker... i'm like a stray dog staking my land, yapping up the wrong tree grabbing at the fruit of my plans and i'm mad about it, because i can't allow it to let you see me sow that seed, plant that tree, and catch the rain"

it's like a plague that's stitching me sick
and like a bag of nasty plastic tricks
simply stated it's a long long way to the top if i want to rock and roll.

so please believe me, it's NOT what i'm trying to be, and i'm getting over it.

I finally see.

raging bullshit will not save our souls.
sit yourself down and talk it out.
cuz peace of mind is worth it
so is mine
and hers
and his
so keep on listening. i'm inclined to beleive that when you're blind you're free

i've been trying to find it
but i want something more

sow my seeds
plant my trees
and catch the rain

hold on
Track Name: FlowerPowerSexKitten
flying high up in the clouds
in the sky, running around
and i'm dreaming saucy now
wicked woe is knocking
touching mortality yeah
tormenting saucy dreams

gonna try to love you more
because you're mine until we reach the shore
this dream will sort it out
Track Name: Their Story
i'm coming high-tech looking at the sunset
i know you kept, tight, sectrets of your sins, right?
back to E.C., it's A.G. on the mic -
pissing light.
I'm a bright tyke.
coming 'round for certain
the journey's worth it
i learned that persecuting the cops could only get you caught
now i'm looking at you, knowing you've done a lot
would you accept a nickel for your thoughts?

tell me what ya know
you're intellect is what i'm tryn to hear
so share
for real
i'm gonna tell ya how i feel
i hear ya kept you're understanding real
so share
i'm all ears

and who cares
that as it may
walk away
caution tape's wrapped around the cape of your hero
feeling just like a zero
pick the mess and pick pu the trash

living on a planet
and i don't know who hasn't
but we're tryin to make it cost less
please put this number on your do-not-call list
Track Name: King of Grasshopper
grasshopper season; treasonous as a popper;
sparkling water phosphorescence - kin of death kisses goodbye in grasshopper seasons.

I'm pleasing your sneering sass just for the cream - yeah right; drink my ocean of dirty dreams.
Sucker punched the dunce and cap - homeland anarchy! anachronistic arachnids nibbled at your corpse and i just laughed at them.

my click clack took the wrap for battles i haven't fought.
if you are a big tree we are the small axe sharpened and ready to snap branches.

Pass this off as if you were the sun - but I already told your friends and now you have none.

it's a damn shame
Track Name: Night
Night Falls Down
beneath the light and weary walls into our lives
Sky runs aground
it's a fight to the death if you ever want to question why
moving to the place where we belong
in the darkenest night

Night falls down beneath the light and weary walls into our lives
night starts surrounding me
all rise for the judge presiding, Mr. At-Night,
I'm begging, "Please, jury, don't find me guilty upon sight"
"well alright"
moving to the place where we belong
in the darkenest night

A shadow comes not from a man nor a beast
their darkness not given by light
all shadows belong to themselves in the least
and to all of their brothers at night
Track Name: Candlelight
theres a fire burning in your heart for miles
Track Name: Fell the Seasons
mauve murder turns terse turbidity tepid.
I read it all and wrote over it
abetting the chauffeur better than he had to show for it.
cleft plethora chef compliments' pompus head circumvented the red rose again, so tell me who wrote this reverie ransom and kept it in a bottle, floating close to Nemo's nautilus, set to sail the seven.
kelped messes pressed the message while plenty sea shanties Canterbury tales and barret's privateers paid years of penalty just to level the odds
and now that i have your attention, i'm a hundred and eleven, and finally ready to tell secrets.

Please, I'm mtrying but i'm cringing, encrypting my ability by mixing crimson and violet into this symphony
i'm violently vivified and powerful, but bleeding from cowardice cuts from reaching to seize my own dreams, so cease and desist listening if you think i'm kicking you back.

suckers ought to ask not what music could do for you, but what you could do for it.

I'm trapped at a job and I can't stop falling

use the connection from your head to your heart or get used to losing
finish what you start
Track Name: Glasstrain
cut me up
beat to a pulp
heat it red-white hot
turn it around
or drip it down
keep it red white hot

i tried to build horizons but it's more than i can see
heat it red-white hot and catch the rain
here we go
but i want something more
there's only one road going through the sun